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LifePack Content Details

We have carefully selected the most important and highest-quality items for this Emergency Survival Kit and put them in a well-designed case that will keep these items well-organized and safe until the day you need them!

Here's what you will find in each LifePack:

These apple-cinnamon flavored food bars
will provide 3,600 calories...enough to keep an adult going for at least 3 days.  The foil-sealed packets will keep the food edible for up to 5 YEARS! 

The purified drinking water comes in the form of 3 "Aqua Blox" for a total of 25 fluid ounces of water.   These water boxes are fully certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as an excellent and safe source of emergency drinking water.  

The purified water box can even be opened and squeezed to help flush dirt & debris out of a wound or a person's eyes.   

Each water box comes with a drinking straw sealed in plastic and will remain drinkable for up to 5 YEARS!

Radio / Flashlight w/Batteries
The easy-to-use, auto-scan FM radio with earphones will keep you informed.  It even has a very bright
Flashlight built-in!   Comes with 2 SETS (4) of "AAA" batteries.

Emergency Survival Handbook
A copy of FEMA's 108-page Emergency Survival Handbook entitled "Are You Ready".

Plus a "Need Help" sign with fill-in info blanks and an "Important Phone Numbers" contact sheet that you can fill in with your most important contact.



65-Piece First Aid Kit
Many of the most important First Aid items in a resealable ziplock bag.

Adhesive Bandages, Sterile Gauze Pads, Burn Cream, Bug Sting & Bite Wipes, Antibiotic Creams & ointments, Antiseptic Towelettes, Alcohol Prep Pads, Chemical Cold-Pack, Numberous Aspirin and Non-
Aspirin Pain Relievers, Safety Pins, Scissors, a First-Aid booklet, and much more! 


25-Piece Personal Hygiene / Toiletry Pack
Contains many of the every-day items a man or woman would need to stay clean & healthy.

9 Wetnaps, 10 Towelettes, Eyeglass cleaner, Toilet paper, Toilet Seat Cover, Toothbrush w/Toothpaste, Tampons & Feminine Pads, and much more!
It even contains 3 condoms so there are no little "surprises" running around nine months later.  :-)

Candles & Fire
4 "tea-light"
candles with protective metal base.  Each of these candles will burn for about 5 hours, for over 20 hours of light & heat.

Along with the candles are a pack of waterproof matches and a very reliable cigarette lighter, all contained in a resealable ziplock bag to keep everything dry.

Chemical Light Sticks
Lasting over 10 hours per Light Stick, these are great if you need light in an area that is unsafe for a burning candle. 
2 Light Sticks in each LifePack for a total of over 20 hours of light!


Thermal Blanket
This waterproof foil mylar blanket will help you stay warm in cold will also help trauma victims who may be going into shock.
This is an Adult sized blanket, measuring 84" by 54" when fully unfolded.

Hand Warmers
Two 7-hour chemical warm packs. When you open the pack, it generates heat to warm your hands or any body part.   Once you're done, you can put the packet into a ziplock bag (provided) and re-use the hand warmers when they're needed again.

A 10 Yard roll of waterproof duct tape. Use this to help seal up windows or to ensure that the dust masks are properly sealed to your face.


Dust Masks
5 masks in each LifePack!
These high-quality masks will help you breathe in a situation where there's debris in the air.  These masks will NOT protect you from smoke or chemicals, but they can help a lot in most emergencies.

Safety Vest
This bright, flourescent orange safety vest will ensure that you are easily visible to passing cars.  Very important if you need to do any walking where there is automobile traffic.
Will also help rescue personel spot you from great distances.

Metal Can / Bottle Opener
This handy tool will allow you to easily open soda bottles & cans as well as any other metal canned food or liquid.

Strong metal construction with a magnet to attach to other metallic objects.



Emergency Signal Whistle
If you're trapped somewhere or are under attack and you want to get the attention of others, this whistle will help.

Comes with a coiled-elastic wristband and key-ring attachment.



Playing Cards
Once you know you are safe and have some time to kill, you'll have this mini-pack of playing cards on hand. 
Cards come with a plastic hard-shell case.

Garbage Bags
4 heavy plastic garbage bags can help you seal up windows, gather water from morning dew, or even just help you avoid littering.

Felt-Tip Marker
Thick-lined "Sharpie" parmanent marker for writing out emergency signs or for filling in some of the printed emergency forms that are included with each LifePack.
Will write on any surface!

Over 130 important items are neatly organized
and well protected in the
LifePack Case...



Measuring 15"x12"x3.5" and weighing less than 9 pounds, a LifePack can easily be worn as a backpack or carried like a briefcase or shoulder-bag.

Each LifePack has a heavy-duty case that is very durable, yet lightweight and easy to carry by hand or slung over your shoulder..

It can easily fit in a closet, behind a computer desk, inside an office file cabinet, or you can leave it somewhere in your car.

You can stash away a LifePack just about anywhere and forget about it until the moment you need it!



The back of each LifePack has a set of strong, adjustable velcro straps to accomodate any size or shape.

Not only will a LifePack provide you with the most important survival items, the well-organized interior and clearly labeled contents will help you find these items quickly.  In an emergency situation, every second could be critical! you don't want to be fumbling around in a backpack or other less-organized survival kit looking for the item you need. 

PLUS: The LifePack case is extremely durable but very easy to carry!

Measuring 15"x12"x3.5" and weighing less than 8 pounds, a LifePack can easily be worn as a backpack or carried around by it's briefcase handle.


PLUS:  Each LifePack comes with a Product Demo DVD that will quickly explain all the most important things that you should know about your Emergency Survival Kit!

A LifePack is like an insurance policy...hopefully you'll never need to use it, but when disaster strikes, you and your family will be grateful it's there.

Are you prepared for the NEXT Emergency??

With a LifePack, you WILL be!


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