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Q: What is a LifePack?
A: A LifePack is an emergency survival kit.  It will provide 1 person with at least 3 days worth of food & water, various sources of light & heat, an FM radio with flashlight and extra batteries, a well-prepared First Aid kit, numerous sanitary & toiletry items, and a wide variety of other important survival items that every person should have easy access to...all contained in a small, rugged case that you can easily carry or stash away in a closet, your car, or an office desk.

The perishable items in each LifePack have a shelf-life of 3 to 5 years so this is something you can hide away in a safe place and forget about until the day you need it.  

For more detailed information about the contents of each LifePack, click HERE.


Q: Why do I need a LifePack?
A: If you are an incredibly optimistic person and believe that you will never be effected by a natural or man-made disaster then you probably don't need a LifePack.  However, if you are a bit more realistic and accept the fact that some day you and your family will be faced with a life-threatening situation, then purchasing a LifePack could be a very smart move.

The Department of Homeland Security has warned that everyone should have a 3-day emergency survival kit readily available.  In the event of a major emergency, it is important that you be self-sufficient for at least a couple of days, until help can arrive.

Here at Event Horizon Studios, we have a very straight-forward way of looking at the potential threat for disaster.  "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best."  We are prepared for just about any disaster, are you?


Q: What do I do when the "shelf-life" of the perishable items in my LifePack has expired?
A: Certain items in each LifePack, like the food & water, batteries, and the chemical light-sticks, have a "shelf-life" of 3 to 5 years.  This means those items will still be usable after that period has expired but you really should replace them every 3 or 4 years, just to be safe.

We offer a very inexpensive LifePack Refill Kit, which will replenish all the perishable items in your LifePack.  We will even mail you a reminder after 3 years to let you know that it is time to think about ordering a LifePack Refill Kit.


Q: Can I leave my LifePack in a car if the weather is very cold or hot?
A: Yes.  The water and food packets inside each LifePack can withstand repeated exposure to temperatures of 40-below zero or 150-above zero. (measured in Fahrenheit)   The water may freeze solid but the heavy-duty foil packaging will not be damaged.  Battery life may be reduced by exposure to extreme cold.
Q: How big is a LifePack?  How much does it weigh?
A: Each LifePack case is about 15inches long, 12inches wide, and about 3inches deep.  Fully loaded it weighs about 9 pounds...surprisingly light when you consider there are over 130 items contained inside!







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