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Are you prepared for the NEXT Emergency??


Life-threatening emergencies occur every day, all over the world!
Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Terrorism, even something minor like a power outage or car trouble may become dangerous, if you're not prepared.

Are you prepared? 

With a LifePack, you WILL be!

Each LifePack provides 1 person with 3 days worth of food & water, various sources of light & heat, an FM radio with flashlight and extra batteries, a well-prepared First Aid kit, numerous sanitary & toiletry items, and a wide variety of other important survival items that every person should have easy access to...all contained in a small, rugged case that you can easily carry or stash away in a closet, your car, or an office desk.  The case can even be used as a portable desk or table!

A LifePack is like an insurance policy...hopefully you will never need to use it, but when disaster strikes, you and your family will be happy it's there!

 The Department of HomeLand Security has warned that ALL Americans should prepare an emergency survival kit.  
(CLICK HERE to see the most recent DHS warning)   Putting together your own survival kit will take a lot of time and could get very expensive.  But for less than $130 you could purchase a LifePack and know for sure that you truly ARE prepared for the next emergency! 

Terrorism, storms, accidents, earthquakes, even something as simple as a temporary blackout could become a life-threatening situation if you're not properly prepared.

With a LifePack stored away in an easily accessible place, you will know that you are fully prepared for just about any emergency.  This will give you and your family a better sense of security in these troubling times.   Can you put a price on that kind of security?  We can...

Order a LifePack now for as little as $79.95!

                    ...or CLICK HERE for more detailed info about the LifePack!


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